Christina Cavallaro, the northern California-born designer behind Yugen Design whose life chapters have included photography, writing, creative direction for a notable organic beauty brand and time spent as a singer in Europe and Japan draws inspiration from all of her life experiences. 

I believe rather than less is more, less is enough. By limiting material choices and using every part of the process, there becomes an almost zen-like quality to the act of designing. For me there is freedom in restriction. My mind expands when the scope of options narrow. 
— Christina, designer


Christina pairs precious and humble materials together to elevate the sum of their parts through simple, modern design made with intention to empower and express. Her work is almost an entirely closed loop of materials, incorporating recycled gold and silver, upcycled leather and the shavings and scraps from her design process to create textures and materials for forging. She is continually fascinated by the juxtaposition of both ugly and pretty in nature and in life and where the line is drawn in our definition of what defines beauty. Her goal is that the simple lines and forms in Yugen Design pieces take on the patina of time and the comfort of wear and bring out the innate beauty in the wearer and add a quiet and subtle meaning to their lives.

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Yugen Design

Yugen Design was founded in 2014 by Christina Cavallaro a graduate of the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts Jewelry Technician Intensive program in May of 2016. Before there was a seedling of an idea about creating her own jewelry and accessories line, Christina spent time as a singer in Japan and fell in love with an intangible beauty and spirituality there that seemed somehow interconnected but for which she had no words. Then she discovered the Japanese actually had a word for that feeling---yugen (pronounced yuu-gen, gen as in genji). Yugen beauty in art refers to a type of attractiveness beneath the surface of the material but in delicate harmony with it. The essence of yugen---more is left unsaid than said, form and beauty dwell beneath the surface---it is these fundamental philosophies that never cease to move and inspire Christina in her Yugen Design collections.